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A new artist joins our stable

Lebogang Moabi, young artists from North West is our latest discovery. His focus is portraiture, landscapes and sculpting. Lebo’s preference is showing portraits in an unusual way also telling a story on its own. His art has a nostalgia kind of vibe as he’s rooted to nature. His an old soul, the past speaks to him in volumes, so his works are a combination of past, present and future. Sometimes he get images from trees, mountains, shapes, shadows, clouds formation, sounds, vivid imagination, reference photos the list is endless.

As a young artist, he is still developing his signature, but one thing for sure is his love and fascination with using raw natural materials and “found objects”. He is inspired by nature. Because most of his works comes as a vision or through dreams, he prefers to take his time – what some might regard as a slow painter paying attention to my work and details. Lebo has never exhibited before; ours will be his first - the beginning of a great journey. Just like most geniuses, Lebo is very shy at times, but to the contrast also enjoys going out and meeting new people.

Here, one of his portraits has found a new home at a bachelor’s pad in Johannesburg.

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Here are a few reasons why you should consider a portrait.

In recent years, portraits have increasingly become more informal. More and more modern painters now position their models in warm country settings - be it adding a chair in a cosy nook or a sunny garden path awash with Johannesburg's jacaranda spring blossoms. These types of portraits are historically called "conversation pieces" and are sure to become cherished treasures in any art collection. 

More than just a portrait.

The bold nature of another human gazing enchantingly at you from a canvas or photograph is just phenomenal. Portraiture is a fascinating form of art, in fact Jo Anke was initially conceived as a gallery that would specialise in portraiture. We particularly like tonal greys and warm pallets. They refer to portraits that use a drawing media such as charcoal and pencil or limited paint pallets in grey or neutral tones. Even though devoid of variety, tonal portraits are nonetheless vibrant and lifelike. 

Calming simplicity

Their straightforward calming and simplicity offers a quality that is timeless yet displays perfectly in fashionable homes and offices that feature designer natural fabrics, unfinished woods and neutral colour schemes.  

One of a kind

Commissioned portraits offers a delightful novelty of poses, art style and media choices to the novice client. This rich assortment ensures that each portraits is a unique work of art.

Bukhosi Nyathi. Robert. Oil on canvas

Bukhosi Nyathi. Robert. Oil on canvas

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Posted May 2016.

Gontse Marumo. Soccer