Black man’s cry


Ayanda Mabulu                                                                                                                              Painting ll 115cm x 75cm ll acrylic on canvas                                                                               Ships in wooden crate. Add to your Cart


Almost like a page cleanly pulled from an artist’s sketch book, this artwork by Ayanda Mabulu features three of Ayanda’s most famous motifs: protest, provocation and proud heritage are all equally stamped into this troubled artwork inspired by Fela Kuti’s Black Man’s Cry. The artwork boldly features images loosely associated with African art – a skull and a bone. The story is intense, it is rife with textual to African history. Ayanda demonstrates in one concise painting, how he is able to carry on such an ancient practice of painting like neo-expressionism, all the while suggesting, as does a great musician, that creating it was relatively effortless and contemporary.


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