Black Panther


Black Panther is a painting inspired by the on-going violence against women and children. Here Bongani demonstrates the tragic reality of women who suffer abuse in the hands of men who should to protect them. Intense brush strokes, lots of layers and a well researched subject. Add to your cart if you agree, or scroll down for more information about this artist #artisttobuy



60cm x 50cm 

Acrylic on canvas                                                                               

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Bongani has a fire and optimism not many people can claim to have. Bongani was born in Joburg and raised in King Williams Town. He’s been drawing since a young boy in primary school.He’s quite shy to speak about his artwork, but the beauty of his work speaks for him. He likes to work and experiment with different mediums combining acrylic with pastel or oil with acrylic. Hard work does not begin to define him, his subjects are well researched; and being a contemporary artist, his artworks are created from current events that anyone can relate to. 

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Dimensions 3 × 50 × 60 cm


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