Love and Politics


Love and Politics is dedicated to end domestic violence and sexual abuse of women and children. The coin represents wealth; which in some cases result in domestic abuse. The artwork invites men to rethink their role in society and create an environment where both men and women are equal participants in shaping society. Scroll down to find more information about this artist ↓↓#artisttobuy



90cm x 70cm

Oil on canvas

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Bukhosi is a Zimbabwean artist who makes his art with love to the people. His paintings aim to express those feelings that most of us are afraid to express when it comes to corruption and abuse of power. He refers to himself as “the people’s mouth piece” and true to his word, he beautifully combines technique and subject to create transforming artworks that inspire an end to corruption. Whether its a political piece referencing his former president or a social artwork about domestic violence, it’s difficult not to be drawn by the detail of each piece; each layer revealing an inspiring passion for justice, democracy and a better world free of oppression of any kind. Bukhosi has exhibited with us many times including art fairs. 

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Dimensions 5 × 70 × 90 cm


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