Non Racist


How would you feel if someone discriminated against you for the colour of your skin? A powerful artwork that questions anyone with a small mind or #racist ideas to look at themselves first and ask..”What makes you more special than the other?” #equality#betterworld


Painting ll 95cm x 90cm

Acrylic, oil and pastel on canvas

Ships in wooden crate

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Bongani has a fire and optimism not many people can claim to have. He was born in Joburg and raised in King Williams Town. He’s been drawing since he was a young boy in primary school. He’s quite shy to speak about his artwork, but the originality and beauty of his work is nothing short of words. He likes to work and experiment with different mediums combining acrylic with pastel or oil with acrylic. He believes in hard work, his subjects are well researched; and its clear that his work is inspired by real life

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Dimensions 90 × 95 cm