Purple Rain, Thinking of Prince ll = #futurestar and artist to watch


This painting is from a series named Chiseled Features. It symbolises the acceptance of a woman’s inner self regardless of race and origins. The artist used different colours and textures to highlight the variations of a woman. Its clear from this series that the artist invites us to imagine a world where men and women were equal participants in shaping society. Such beauty, just imagine ♥. More information about this #futurestar if you ↓ down. 

Lebo (North West)


60cm x 40cm

Acrylic on board

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Lebo’s probably the most colourful artist we’ve worked with, on canvas and in person. One of our exciting focus is to introduce new contemporary artists into Joburg and the rest of the market. We travel across SA to find some of the best contemporary artists; and the past year has been a marvel working with Lebo. Lebo’s a contemporary artists living and working from NW, about 70 km from Joburg. His focus is portraiture. His art is inspired by women from his community. He prefers to take his time with each artwork, to show each portrait in an unusual way also telling a story on its own, a combination of past, present and future. Sometimes he gets images from, mountains, shapes, shadows, cloud formations, sounds, vivid imagination, his own dreams, reference photos the list is endless. Lebo has only exhibited with us and is getting a few collectors excited.


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